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You lock your House - You lock your Car

You lock your Horse Trailer & even lock your Bike.

But your valuable & irreplaceable Saddle? - No!  

Now You Can - Secure it with The Saddle Clamp!

And for less than the price of a Round Bale of Hay!

The Saddle Clamp costs only £39.95

With Free UK Delivery for Summer Period

Tirus Equestrian - The Saddle Clamp

Tirus Equestrian are creative designers and suppliers of equestrian products and are proud to launch The Saddle Clamp, which they hope will increase the importance of tack security, and help reduce the heartache and aggravation the theft of a precious saddle cause.

As active horse owners, with life-time of experience in a wide range of equestrian activities, we  fully understand the day to day issues horse owners face. We aim to put this knowledge and experience to good use in our new range of equestrian products.

The Saddle Clamp

Safely Secure your saddle with

The Saddle Clamp


Introducing The Saddle Security Device - The Saddle Clamp

The Saddle Clamp is a Protected UK Registered Design

UK Reg’ Design Nos:

6066768 to 6066772

Aiming to work with a range of local Police Forces and National Equestrian Institutes to promote and grow awareness of the importance to saddle security, we hope that opportunist saddle theft can be eliminated.

The Saddle Clamp is designed to do this and avoid the complacency which makes tack theft so easy. Lock it or Lose

The Saddle Clamp is a simple, but effective method for securing most G.P. Style saddles, including dressage and jumping style saddles, onto standard metal-framed saddle racks. Fitted in less than a minute, The Saddle Clamp wraps around the saddle, securing it onto the saddle rack, and eliminating opportunist tack thefts.

The unique, but simple design, means it can be used in secure tack rooms, outside in yards, or on saddle racks within horses  lorries, or trailer.

No need for large, specialist locks. One Saddle Clamp protects your precious and irreplaceable saddle where ever it is place. Fitted and removed in less than a minute. Simple, but effective saddle protection.

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Click on the You Tube Link Opposite to see how quick and simple The Saddle Clamp can be fitted, to ensure your saddle is secure.

Click on the You Tube Link Opposite to see just how simple your valuable saddle can be stolen without the addition of The Saddle Clamp.

Click on the You Tube Link Opposite to see just how easily The Saddle Clamp can be fitted, with detailed instructions.

Click on the You Tube Link Opposite to see just how quick & easily The Saddle Clamp.can be removed by the owner.

You'll be riding in seconds!

The Saddle Clamp works with most standard, Metal-framed Saddle racks, so can be used on existing racks, either in your tack room, or horse trailer or lorry.

Special design allows for quick and easy fitting and removal, and ensures your valuable saddle can not be removed from the rack & is safe from opportunist thieves.

Strong, Durable, Bright Outer sleeve - Cut-Resistant Flexible Chain Core

Hardened Combination Lock Included - Full Fitting Instructions

Only £39.95 inc’ Free UK Delivery for the current Summer period

Buy Now & Protect Your Priceless Saddle

Buy Now

Purchase securely using either your Paypal Account or any Debit or Credit Card

Simply Click on the ‘Buy Now’ Button to Purchase

Check Out these Videos on You Tube demonstrating the benefits of The Saddle Clamp, along with the ease with which it can be fitted & removed. Simply Click on the You Tube Link

Don’t leave it until it’s too late & you become another victim of Tack Theft.

If you have any queries or need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or check out the video links below, which show how The Saddle Clamp works, and how it deters saddle theft

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Designer & Suppliers of Innovative Equestrian Products

Check these additional photos and the videos below to demonstrate how The Saddle Clamp secures your saddle onto any standard rack. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us